Rogue Valley Cremation Sr.

Phone   1-541-200-9989

Price     $877.00

When the time comes, say No!  No, to the uncomfortable pushy funeral arrangements.  No, to the high-pressure corporate undertaker.  No, to the guilt in purchasing items you don’t need or want.

By saying yes! to Rogue Valley Cremation  Rogue Valley Cremation is an online application that puts you in control of your decisions, and your wallet. Choose local services, prices, and options, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Take charge, and arrange online with Rogue Valley Cremation 

No one does it better than you do. 

Rogue Valley Cremation Service provides Medford, Or. families with affordable cremation plans and easy to arrange cremation services thru Quikfiles. Online arrangements where no office appointment is necessary. Quikfiles changing the way you work with your provider, saving you time and expense.

Rogue Valley Cremation Service working with families in Medford, Central Point, Prospect, Phoenix, Ashland, Talent, Eagle Point and all surrounding communities.

  1. SAVE  MONEY. Very affordable cremation among the lowest in the region. You are in control of all the costs. Save 70% off the cost of a traditional funeral.
  2. IT’s CONVENIENT. You can complete the process at your own time and pace, from the comfort of your home, in minutes, using a computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  3. IT’s EASY. Our video guide walks you through each step. We handle everything over the phone, or text messages or email
  4. No visit to a mortuary – no caskets to view. No salespeople trying to get you to spend more on funeral services.
  5. Pay with credit cards. With our low costs, most can charge it and pay over time or settle the bill with the Estate. We don’t ask for the credit card online, you include it when you review your invoice.


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